Personal Mastery Articles

The Principles of Personal Mastery

By Dion Daly


"The man and the Principles of Personal Mastery!Did you know that there are people out there who fully comprehend how vital it is to cultivate their skills, and know their  strengths and weaknesses, so that they are able to deal with their personal development effectively? People who have attained personal mastery are skilled at listening to themselves and thus upholding equilibrium in their life. Personal mastery also enables people to control their energy levels and reduce the need for stimulating substances to build-up their energy levels.


How do you acquire personal mastery? Well, there are principles that you can follow to cultivate it. These are central ideas that are important when developing social, professional, and spiritual relationships. One of the principles has to do with how success in life is defined.

Personal mastery is also founded on reality. It is essential to spend time and energy in things that can be influenced, like the present and the future. It is also crucial to relinquish responsive mannerisms such as complaint, bitterness, criticism and blame.

Another principle behind self-mastery is realising that what occurs in your life is founded on your own choices and not from anybody else. You must accept responsibility for the way your life is now. Hence, choices about your life should be generated by your own will. If you know the weaknesses and strengths of your personality this would allow you to change how you behave, think, feel, thus enabling you to make appropriate choices for your life.

Knowing exactly what you want and knowing how to attain it are also central principles in personal mastery. After pinpointing your goals, and how you can attain them then it is time to take action towards realising them.

These are the major principles of personal mastery:

• Knowing how to cope with problematic and demanding circumstances.

• Accepting the testing and cruel truths of life.

• Being able to let go of negative feelings: like bitterness and blame.

• Setting your life goals.

• Realising the importance and independence that comes with responsibility.

• Cultivate self-confidence and self-esteem

• Acknowledge imperfection and build on your strengths.

• Feel the bond between yourself to others and the universe.

• Adjust and work with change.

• Cultivate an inquisitive mind. Basically, people who have accomplished personal mastery are capable of raising their self-awareness, self-responsibility and self- acceptance. They realise that they are part of the whole universal system.

Good Luck!

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Personal Mastery for Your Career

By: Dion Daly


"Having personal mastery"You can use personal mastery not only for the eradication of stress, and confidence building, but also for your career as well. Utilising personal mastery in your career growth is called career mastery. Career mastery is when you amalgamate your personal development to your professional development and then feel complete! There are separate components for career mastery.


• One of them is taking the initiative. You need to take action to go after what you want in life! To apply this to your career you need to pinpoint your goal – where you want to be in your career: let’s say in one years’ time, or whatever, and then take the required action towards it. With this way of thinking, you get to overpower obstructions and restrictions daily.

•Another vital component is the ability to bond with other people. To actually bond with other people or a group, you have to be in touch with yourself first. You get the function and the intelligence of bonding to others with how you comprehend and interrelate with your inner self.

• Being up-to-date. The thing is being up-to-date is not only being focused on your current career. What I’m saying is that there are a lot of people who are in pursuit for other career choices. When choosing other career choices or career ideas, you need to know your options. And making the accurate decision about your career is all about collecting enough intelligence about what you want to do.

• You need to be focused. When planning your goals, you need to figure out how you are going to achieve them.

• You need to know your potential. It is essential to know your potential and your strengths and weaknesses. Also once you have figured out your weaknesses work on strengthening them.

The thing is these foundations are essentially there to enhance a person’s performance and outlook on life. These basic foundations can be harnessed whether you are working for a company or working for yourself. Even those who are handling career choices like professionals who would like to change a career can use the components of career mastery to be able to acquire a better life.

Remember one thing, successful people not only establish and develop their business, or go into a certain career just for financial reasons, but also because they enjoy their business or the career they have chosen to follow. Good Luck!

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How to Combat Stress With Personal Mastery

By: Dion Daly

"The power of self discipline to overcome stress"What is Stress? Well, stress is a physical and emotional reaction that you show towards various ]difficulties that either happens at school, the workplace, or life in general.


The signs of stress are: the lack of ability to focus, and to concentrate, headaches and a rapid heartbeat. Most people have experienced stress, but the thing is it is all to do with how you deal with it that what’s important. The goods news is Personal mastery is great for combating stress.

When you use personal mastery to overcome stress, it is vital to identify first the stress that you are experiencing in your general life or at work. But the great thing is stress can be alleviated.

If you are in charge of a corporate team, then you should realise that stress can affect the efficiency of the personnel. The work place can be a real big stressor, but this is something which you will probably not be able to manage. But in place of trying to manage stress at the work place, you can attempt to work around it. The thing is how do you work around stress?

Well, you can decrease the threat of stress by looking at things in a new viewpoint. What is an example of a new viewpoint? An example is, knowing when to let go of a situation where you have absolutely no control over it. Having stress over situations that you have no control over should be changed instead to a positive force. You need to centre your energy to other situations that you are able to control.

The good thing is there are straightforward tips that you can use to deal with stress.

• Saying no to unimportant commitments that necessitate too much time and energy.

• Doing frequent exercises, like stretching and breathing exercises.

• Daily meditation or a bit of day dreaming.

• Eating healthy food, but have some naughty foods that you like in moderation.

• Asking for help from people who you know that can help to reduce the stressful problem.

Now that you know some tips to deal with stress. You also need to know how to prevent it. Stress prevention eliminates the likelihood of stress happening.

To eliminate stress you need to know and recognise your limits in life. After recognising your limits, you would have to learn how to say no to things that you are not comfortable with.

Achieving personal mastery can help you to work and concentrate your mind and spirit on your work and personal life. Good Luck!

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Great Organizational Performance and Personal Mastery

By: Dion Daly

"Organizing w1th personal mastery"Great organizational performance and personal mastery is not a thing that can be achieved in an instant. Having mastery is all about how you understand and lead your life, and the knowing that you are part of the whole world and universe’s intention. If you want an organization to be great and prosper, each member of the organization has to be part of the organization’s intention and make it their own personal intention.


When you are on a voyage in the direction of self- mastery, you are seeking for your life’s purpose. You are conscious of your personal strengths and weaknesses, you realise that you are accountable for your actions in your life, and have come to terms with who you are. Followers of personal mastery are able to take the cruel realities of life and learn to adjust with the alterations occurring in their environment.

These people when united with the members of an organization can induce others to have the same thoughts as them. The thing is they can influence but not manipulate, since they are grounded to the realities of this world. The thing is they can accurately recognize the areas where developments are required in the organization.

Having mastery also aids organization members to jump out of the box of their comfort zones. Most directors of an organization are not at ease with this concept, particularly if the accomplishments in the comfort zone are those that have generated success. But stepping out of the comfort zone dis-robes people of their self-imposed limitations. Remember mastery is about airing your talents and yourself in creative way.

Development and expansion are the ideas that are fostered by personal mastery. When members of an organization are working towards achieving mastery, their individual vision clears and begins to get realized. Once this happens the organization begins to prosper.

There are great changes that can happen when members of an organization work together to achieve personal mastery like effortless decision-making even in tough situations. Also teams work effortlessly together even if they are not in the same department. Good Luck!

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Personal Mastery or Self Mastery – What Is It?

By: Dion Daly

"Mastery of self"Well, Personal mastery or self-mastery is all about how you approach Your life from an altered viewpoint. You could say that it is a voyage of continuous self- development. It is directed by key values like, personal purpose, vision, an obligation to truth and understanding, and the intuitive mind.


One of the most significant features is personal vision (the way you see the world around you). Personal mastery when joint with personal vision can generate a driving philosophy on how you can control and live your life to the fullest.

People who are devotees of personal mastery understand that there are countless chances to advance their personal growth. Devotees know that there are various paths for growth like: books, tapes, lectures and school courses that will teach you how to develop both in the material and spiritual sense.

Self-mastery is about being happy with yourself and conveying your abilities to their maximum. Basically it’s all about comprehending your personality.

Developing mastery can truly benefit you to become prosperous in life. You can say that you have acquired personal mastery if you are beginning to really comprehend your purpose in this world, your talents, and strengths.

It is also imperative for a person who wants to develop self-mastery to cultivate honesty, modesty, and fairness. Essentially, these are guidelines on how you could conduct yourself professionally, spiritually and in your everyday activities.

Positive behaviour is also something that having mastery aids you to cultivate. Reactive behaviour like thinking ahead of time that you cannot do something is dealt with when cultivating mastery. Actions and service that you deliver are founded on how you can imaginatively amplify your abilities.

In a nut shell, personal mastery shows you how to cultivate being mindful of your beliefs, outlooks and behaviours. It also permits you to tolerate yourself and be responsible for your own actions in life, attitudes, and opinions. Good Luck!

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 How Personal Mastery Can Help in Effective Communication

By: Dion Daly

How to communicate with personal masteryHaving a good attitude and the ability to communicate effectively is a must if you want to be a Success in life. Effective communication is not governed on how well you speak in front of various people or how well you write out reports. Effective communication depends on how well people have understood what you are saying and how you convey yourself.


To succeed in effective communication, it is essential to amplify and achieve personal mastery. To amplify personal mastery would mean a transformation in attitude and viewpoint.

A significant part of relationship building is communication. The most valuable relationship is your relationship with your inner self. Thus, positive communication with your inner self must be upheld. The way you communicate with your inner self establishes the way you communicate with other people. What I am saying is if you have a positive mind-set then the way you come across to other people will be positive.

Having a Positive mind-set will assist you to deal with complications a lot better. For instance, if you believe something then that belief can either stop you from doing what you want, or give you confidence to do what you want, it is all to do with how you think! Having a positive mind-set or a positive inner dialogue will propel you to have a more positive, and understanding way of communicating with others.

One way of keeping an effective positive communication going is by giving positive feedbacks, or constructive criticisms. You need to develop a way of giving effective feedback to the people you rely on. Also you need to give and take criticisms openly.

Communicating effectively with personal mastery can help with the following:

• Solving problems effectively: think about it if you had personal mastery you would be able to communicate to your bosses and co-employees about the main issues and problems, this can lead to a greater understanding of the situation; thus this would lead to a quicker and more effective solution to the problems.

• Leading in an effectively way: for a leader to give directions and encourage the team and the organization he is in, he or she should be able to cultivate good communication with them. Criticisms should be given as a positive suggestion and should be given as encouragement not as a telling-off.

• Planning effectively: planning means having knowledge of the assignment, and the objectives of a person, department or organization. Planning must be directed by the guiding opinions of the company. Though, most people have distinctive approaches to everything, it is imperative to accurately communicate with each other to design and draw up an effective plan of action.

Personal mastery assists a person to become a better person and capable of interacting successfully with other people.

The remarkable thing about it is that it helps a person to acquire a healthy communication with their inner self and at the same time shows this change on how they communicate with others. Good Luck!

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How to Improve Your Life With Personal Mastery

By: Dion Daly

"personality improvement"What is personal mastery or self-mastery and how can it enhance your life? Well it’s all about developing your understanding and magnifying your viewpoint about life. This in turn increases your vision, and allows you to determine what path you should take in life.


People who have attained this mastery have attested that they have experienced a massive and constructive change in their life.

There are lots of diverse advantages a person can gain from developing their understanding about life here are a few of them:

One of the advantages is to have the ability to make Clear decisions: a person who has reached self-mastery has acquired a clear vision on their purpose, and their mission in life, so making decisions is then easy for them.

Another advantage is the development of Powerful inspired leadership skills: people who have attained mastery have strong leadership skills because they can communicate effectively with others.

Good leaders also need to be in charge of their emotions and not allow their emotions to get in the way of making decisions.

Better-quality work life balance: the people who have gained self-mastery affirm that they can see a substantial result on how they have managed their life.

Lower stress levels: because mastery deals with understanding life and weaknesses, it can result to lower stress levels because it aids a person to acknowledge change and be adaptable about it this in turn helps a person to combat stress.

Personal mastery can also assist you in getting rid of damaging habits and behaviours. For instance, it can help with smoking or alcoholic addiction. It not only tackles the habit but tackles the cause of why you began the habit to begin with. The thing is when you concentrate only on the habit; it is quite likely that it will come back once more. But when you confront the cause or issues behind the habit, it can make you stop the habit completely.

Remember personal mastery is not just for your own person. Cultivating yourself could mean a lot to the world because you are a part of a whole. Your improvement can inspire others and in the long run change the world for the better. Good Luck!

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Improving Your Confidence With Personal Mastery

By: Dion Daly

"How to have confidence with self-mastery"A lot of people find it hard to have self-confidence. There are people who find low self-confidence affects the way they perceive themselves and their functioning in life. The majority of people believe that self- confidence is something that only the talented and fortunate have. The great thing is with the aid of personal mastery, everyone can now begin working on their self-confidence.


What is Personal mastery? Well personal mastery is self-improvement. It is about developing yourself and loving yourself by acknowledging yourself as you are. You need to recognise your drawbacks and at the same time improve on them.

If you want to achieve personal mastery and self- confidence, it is essential to have faith in yourself. It is also vital to be happy with yourself by having self-acceptance. Self- acceptance is about accepting not only the beneficial occurrences in life, but also the disappointments in life, and accepting that it was you who made the decisions for whatever outcome.

As well as self-acceptance what else can you do to attain self-confidence through personal mastery

Well, you could become aware of your feelings and behaviours. When you become aware of your negative feelings and behaviours you will then be able to conquer and rectify them. Once you have resolved to change your negative feelings and behaviours, there are several strategies and techniques that you can do to acquire mastery over them. As follows:

Developed Self- discipline: Altering feelings and behaviour, or your viewpoint on life, might take some time. The thing is change will not happen overnight. What you need to do is round-up sufficient knowledge and start studying and practicing the skills that you would like to cultivate or improve on.

You need to a have a well-defined vision of what you want to materialise in your life: If you want to change your life then it is vital to have clarity- to know what you want in life. The ability to see what you want to have, in a clear picture, would inspire you to work for it.

Devotion and faith: To be capable of attaining personal mastery for growth, you need to have faith in yourself that you can undertake the course you have chosen in life.

When you develop self-confidence through personal mastery, you will acquire some personal characteristics. You will acquire self-awareness, which is about the willingness to look at the past, and acknowledge it, and also the same goes for the present. From this, comes self-knowledge which is about understanding the past and the present, and finally self-discipline the ability to work every day towards your goals.

Self- improvement is an ongoing process. Maybe, we can only say that we are completely masterful of our life if we have achieved all our goals. Good Luck!

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